Pop vs. Soda - The Battle for your Diabetes

Question: What is the source of our regional identity? Chicken or the Egg?

Just for fun, here's the 2004 presidential election by county.


Where is your hope now, Obama!?

If you don't watch this video the terrorists have won.


Real (and awesome) Professional Baseball team names

All from the 19th Century American Association (precursor to the National League).

Boston Beaneaters
Brooklyn Grooms
Brooklyn Bridegrooms
Boston Doves
Brooklyn Superbas
New York Highlanders
Cleveland Naps
Brooklyn Tip-Tops

George Orwell has a blog!

Well, to be clear: his diaries are being published in real time - blog style. It's comforting to know that blogs in 1938 were every bit as masturbatory are as ones 70 years later. I can't wait until the delicate and timeless symbiosis between George's self-loathing and inflated sense of purpose propel him to 'challenge' social/personal mores while pimping his Fringe show.